Roemer Machine & Welding Co., Inc.



Roemer Machine has been repairing centrifuges for over 30 years!

We specialize in repairing or completely rebuilding Sharples - Alfa Laval -  P660, P2000, )3400 HHS, PM35000, P4000, P4400, SG14, SG15, P5000, P5400, PM55000, PM75000, PM76000, PM85000, - NX309, NX314, NX418, DS705, DS706 - Westfalia - CA-225, CA-365.  Bird - 18 X 40, 24 X 60, HP2500, HP3700, 51000.

Our customers include the grain and ethanol industries, Municipal waste water treatment plants, meat and poultry industries, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. We have set the highest standards for quality and have the best reputation in the centrifuge repair industry. Some of the repair procedures and specifications we pioneered, are today's industry standards.

Postal address
PO Box 2509  Davenport, IA  52809